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Travelogue Competition 2022 : Winners

KCWA Managing Committee would like to thank kids for their outstanding participation towards KCWA’s Travelogue Contest 2022 – Photo Essay and Vlog, which was open to KCWA Members and their children. We received 3 entries for Photo Essay and 4 entries for Vlog and our panel of judges have selected the best two for awarding the prizes in each category.

The winners of Photo Essay are :

1st Place : Rachael D Souza -KCWA ID #2782
2nd Place : Sharvin D Souza -KCWA ID #2703

The winners of VLog are :

1st Place : Carissa Sequeira -KCWA ID #1257
2nd Place : Keitha Sequeira -KCWA ID #1257

Congratulations to the winners!

A word of appreciation also goes to the parents of all the participants for encouraging kids to take part actively in the competition.

A sincere gratitude to the judges of the competition mentioned below :

We have published all the travelogues(Photo Essay) below. Please click the respective button to view travelogue.

NoParticipant NameLink to View
1Patricia PintoView
2Rachael DSouzaView
3Sharvin DSouzaView

Please click the respective button to view Vlog.

NoParticipant NameLink to View
1Carissa SequeiraView
2Keitha SequeiraView
3Rian RegoView
4Sharvin D SouzaView

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