Kuwait Canara Welfare Association came to its existence in the year 1988 with a noble thought of providing Education to every child in the Canara Region. Since its inception KCWA is proud of and thankful to its generous donors, members and well-wishers in achieving a milestone of donating an amount of INR. 6,16,31,267/- for giving education and humanitarian aid to people in need until July 2023.

  • KCWA’s Fund for Education has been set up in 150 institutions under the Mangalore and Udupi Dioceses, through Fixed Deposits to the tune of more than INR 1.3 Crores in total. The interest generated from these funds facilitates schoolbooks, uniforms and other educational utilities until today.
  • Recognizing the significance of higher education, KCWA has made it possible for those who have the aptitude of scaling great heights but have limited means, by instituting a permanent Scholarship of IRS 10 Lakhs in St. Joseph’s Engineering College, Vamanjoor, to educate two meritorious students from Mangalore diocese every year.
  • Apart from its main motto of providing funds for primary education to the less privileged, KCWA also understands an individual’s need of being able to have a foothold in society through equal opportunities. In this context, in the year 2000 KCWA has contributed a total amount of IRS 39.5 Lakhs towards the construction of Computer Centre and installation of peripherals for the physically challenged at St. Agnes Special School. This institution is being managed by the Apostolic Carmel Sisters at Bendore, Mangalore. They provide free computer training to deserving candidates. The 1st disabled student became the first paid computer instructor of the school, and several disabled students trained from the school have secured employment in government & financial institutions.
  • With the same inclination, KCWA contributed IRS 5 Lakhs towards sponsoring a classroom in the Navachetana School Project, managed by the Ursuline Franciscan Congregation at Venur. This school also shelters and cares for the disabled children. KCWA disbursed IRS 6.5 Lakhs to setup the Anugraha School for differently abled children in Bellary Diocese, Karnataka, India.
  • KCWA’s generosity has also been extended towards building of several educational institutions. Provided financial assistance of IRS 5.5 Lakhs towards building a primary school at Kumbla, through St. Monica Educational Institutions in Mangalore; Contributed IRS 10 Lakhs towards the Library block of the newly constructed St. Mary’s College Building in Bela, Kasargod District of Mangalore Diocese & IRS 7.25 Lakhs towards the higher primary school building project at Basrur, Udupi Diocese.
  • A Scholarship of IRS 8.5 Lakhs was distributed to 205 deserving University students of Mangalore and Udupi Dioceses to pursue higher education in 2012. Contributed an amount of IRS 7.5 Lakhs to prepare aspirants for Civil Services in 2014 from Udupi Diocese. KCWA has lent its hand to students with a vocational call, and contributed towards school building projects as well as to Institutions like Manasa Rehabilitation & Training Centre for mentally challenged children, Seon Ashram, Vanitha Vocational Centre, that are rendering self-less service to the unfortunate.
  • In addition KCWA has been generous in supporting and encouraging the educational needs of poor and deserving children by donating an amount of IRS 2.1 Lakhs to Bidar mission in the year 2007, IRS 1 Lakh to support the orphans in Padmapur Orphanage in the year 2009 & IRS 1.4 Lakhs towards Gandhinagar mission for purchase of 67 bicycles to students in year 2010.
  • With the change in education system, computer education became an essential part of human life. KCWA extended a helping hand to St. Joseph Higher Primary school & Holy Cross Convent School for the installation of computer Labs.
  • Upon realising the requirement of a special needs school for the differently abled children of the Belthangady Taluk, Ujire, KCWA contributed an amount of IRS 12.4 Lakhs in the year 2015 to begin the construction works of “Daya Day Care Centre” where various trainings and medical attention is provided for the Special Needs students free of cost. Additional support of IRS 3.7 Lakhs extended to the centre in year 2017.
  • In the pursuit of further strengthening our cause in the development of the needy children, KCWA with the help of its generous donors further donated INR 9.5 Lakhs and helped “Daya Day Care Centre “to construct an Audio-Visual Therapy Room in the year 2022.
  • Routed support towards various humanitarian needs such as Nirmala Ashram, Jeevadaan, HIV patients institute and “Snehalaya” a home for homeless.
  • KCWA committee has always thought of new ways to utilize the funds wisely, generated through the donors where many deserving, aspiring students may be able to benefit and obtain higher education to venture new heights. With this vision, formed the Central Education Funds in Udupi and Mangalore Diocese. SAMPADA was established in Udupi in the year 2017 and SUVIDYA in Mangalore in the year 2018. In other words, these funds are revolving education funds where students apply for interest free Education Loans to pursue their dreams. The borrowed amount repaid by the students to enable more students to pursue their dreams. At SUVIDYA & SAMPADA, one of the major aspects is to provide students with career guidance programs, team building workshops as well as providing them with necessary guidance to apply for various scholarship schemes provided by the government of India.
  • Central Education Funds has been distributed through SUVIDYA in Mangalore Diocese with Rs. 80 Lakhs in fixed deposit and SAMPADA in Udupi Diocese with Rs. 50 Lakhs in fixed deposit to more than 100 students in each institution and both are functioning well..
  • Apart from this, KCWA also introduced a project called EACH ONE reach one to TEACH ONE Campaign to support Daya Care Center that look after the differently abled children at Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra, Belthangady. We are grateful to all our donors, sponsors and members who were a part of the huge success of this project in 2023 that drew attention and made it possible to collect INR 16,16,376 Lakhs.
  • Year 2020 & 2021 shook the world with COVID 19, while many lost their jobs and loved ones. The lockdown severely affected many & found it difficult to manage their daily bread, school fees, airfare to return home, medical treatment and the list is endless. During this difficult time, KCWA was thoughtful of supporting its members as well as fellow brethren. Funds were raised, charter flight was arranged from Kuwait to Mangalore, food kits, flight tickets, school fees, medical support etc. was provided for those in need.
  • KCWA also took the opportunity on the occasion of Monthi Feast of feeding more than 2000 less fortunate people in the orphanages & Ashrams of the Mangalore & Udupi Dioceses twice in the year 2022 & 2023.
  • In the year 2022 a local project was undertaken by the KCWA Committee which was duly supported by its members in the General Body Meeting to support Maranatha Education School which caters to children with special needs with a total sum of KWD 1300 over the period of 13 months. We once again thank all the well-wishers for their extended support towards this noble cause.

KCWA members’ unwavering support has made it possible to brighten the lives of the less fortunate in the field of education, humane needs and in living lives of dignity.

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Ida Pinto June 21, 2016 at 8:27 am

Dear President and Members of the Kuwait Canara Welfare Association,
I want to thank you for sanctioning the amount for Ms. Leeta Welsy Aranha, Mangalore. A special thanks to Mr. Ronald Suares. May the almighty God Bless U and shower his blessings on all your association works.
Stay Blessed Always!

Thanks and Regards
Ida Pinto


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