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Konkani Movie “Osmitay” Enthralls Audiences with its Houseful Premiere Shows in Kuwait

Kuwait Canara Welfare Association (KCWA) along with all Mangalorean associations and Konkani communities held a premiere show event on November 8th and 9th 2023 at Ozone cinema, Khaitan, Kuwait. In a remarkable display of international appeal and regional cinema’s rising prominence, the Konkani film “Osmitay” has taken Kuwait by storm with an overwhelmingly successful premiere shows which went houseful on both the days. This exceptional achievement signifies the growing influence of regional cinema and the strong bond of cultural traditions.

Maand Sobhann productions “Osmitay” had already garnered considerable attention prior to its international release. The film effortlessly blends Konkani culture with modern storytelling, offering a visually captivating experience that has resonated with its audience.

The Opening Ceremony with a Grand premiere show was held on 8th November, Wednesday. An event commenced by MC Deepak Andrade inviting dignitaries to the dais. Fr. Noel DAlmeida, Spiritual Director of KCWA was escorted by KCWA President Naveen Mascarenhas. KCWA sponsor and supporter Mr. Ranjith D’Souza from Kentech International and Nazareth Brothers were escorted by Prakash Pinto on behalf of the core committee members. Maand Sobhann Vice President & Executive Director of Osmitay Mr. Naveen Canute Lobo was escorted by KCWA Vice President Arun D’Souza. Maand Sobhann representative in Kuwait Mr. Rudy D’Souza and the movie screening core committee member Mr. Wilson D’Souza were also welcomed on the stage. Representatives of all Mangalorean associations and Konkani communities, Johnson Fernandes from Pamboor Welfare Association Kuwait, Oswald D’Souza from Kuwait Brahmavar Welfare Association, Roshan Quadras from Kuwait Pangla Association, Alban D’Souza from Shirva Welfare Association Kuwait, Lionel Mascarenhas from Tulukoota Kuwait, Veena Serrao from Salmiya Konkani community were also welcomed on the dias. Osmitay movie star Mr. Ashwin DCosta was then escorted by KCWA General Secretary Reena Pereira with a loud applause from the audience.

The Opening prayer was then recited by Reena Pereira followed by a warm welcome from KCWA President Mr. Naveen Mascarenhas. All dignitaries came together to cut the cake, to mark the opening of the Grand Premiere show, with Fr. Noel DAlmeida addressing the audience with a message that Osmitay is a richness of the Konkani speaking community and its presence all over the world, in his address he also added that the reviews to be given to the movie should be thoughtful and with an open-minded approach. Maand Sobhann Vice President Naveen Canute Lobo addressed the audience and thanked KCWA on behalf of Maand Sobhann for its unwavering support. Movie star Mr. Ashwin DCosta then came ahead to address the audience and appreciated the initiative taken by KCWA to screen the movie in Kuwait. In the end Mr. Wilson D’Souza proposed a vote of thanks and the event for that day came to an end.

On 9th November, the premiere show event commenced with MC Deepak Andrade inviting KCWA President Naveen Mascarenhas and Movie core committee members Wilson Dsouza, Prakash Pinto and Alban Dsouza to the dias. Maand Sobhann Vice President & Executive Director of Osmitay Mr. Naveen Canute Lobo was escorted by KCWA Cultural Secretary Prashant Ferrao. Osmitay movie star Mr. Ashwin DCosta was welcomed with a loud applause from the audience. Prashant Ferrao proceeded to recite the Opening Prayer which was then followed by welcome message from KCWA President Naveen Mascarenhas. KCWA sponsor and supporter Mr. Joe Pereira and Mrs. Roshni Lobo were also welcomed on the dias. KCWA thanked representatives of all Mangalorean associations and Konkani community, Anil Britto from Kanajar Welfare Association Kuwait, Albert Pereira from Bellevision Kuwait, Prashant Ferrao from Ahmadi and Clifford D’Souza from Kuwait City for their support.

KCWA honored guests Mr. Naveen Canute Lobo, Maand Sobhann Vice President and Actor Mr. Ashwin DCosta, with a momento, as a token of appreciation for their presence at the premiere shows.

Mr. Wilson D’Souza proposed a vote of thanks and expressed his gratitude for the success of the premiere shows. KCWA is grateful to United Business Group for their sponsorship and support.

The Kuwait premiere of “Osmitay” was nothing short of a triumph, with audiences applauding the film’s captivating narrative, authentic portrayal of life and traditions and its heartwarming depiction of tradition and culture.

The success of “Osmitay” in Kuwait demonstrates the power of storytelling and the universal themes that can bridge cultural divides. It reinforces the idea that regional cinema can transcend boundaries and capture the hearts of audiences worldwide.

With “Osmitay” making waves in Kuwait, it has not only elevated the profile of Konkani cinema but also paved the way for greater appreciation of regional films in international markets. The film has become a symbol of cultural exchange and serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of regional cinema. It has also ignited a sense of pride and recognition for Konkani culture and storytelling on a global scale.

As “Osmitay” continues to resonate with audiences in Kuwait and beyond, it marks a significant milestone in the global recognition of Konkani cinema, promising a brighter future for the industry and further solidifying its place on the international stage.

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