Sports Meet 2014

KCWA Sports Meet 2014

Date: 24 October. Venue: Kuwait Athletic Association Stadium,Kaifan.


Pics by: Alban D’Souza, Winston Alphonso, Joyston D’Souza & Alger Mathias


After the stupendous success of the Athletic Meet conducted in 2013, KCWA held the Sports Meet 2014 on Friday the 24th of October.  The event took place in the Kuwait Athletic Association Stadium, Keifan and was open to all Mangalorean Catholics residing in Kuwait.

The event started at 8:30 am with an opening prayer by the General Secretary Mr. Louis Dcosta following which the victory run with the torch was done by a few members from the managing committee and the volunteers. The ex-presidents of KCWA Mr. Pascal Pinto, Mr. Felix Saldanha, Mr. Stephen Machado and the president symbolically inaugurated the event by lighting the torch.  KCWA’s president Mr. Anil Fernandes then welcomed the gathering and the Sports Secretary Dr. ManoharPrabhu recited the oath.

A total of 75events such as 100m, 200m & 400m running, long jump, high jump, Shot Put, Discus Throw, Fast Walking Race and 4 x 100m Relay were organized in which 310 athletes actively took part. Winners of each event were honored with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and certificates as well. The Sports Meet also had many events for the tiny tots and it was heartening to see a huge turnout and participation by the children.

The concluding part of the event was the Tug of War which had 12 teams in Men’s and 7 teams in women’s category. Salmiya Friends walked away with the trophy in both the ladies and gents category. The event was impeccably organized and was compeered by Mr. Allen Pinto, Mr. Deepak Andrade and Dr. ManoharPrabhu. Mr. Suresh was the official moderator for the event.

For the first time the registrations for a KCWA event were done online and this was possible because of Mr. Rajesh Aranha – KCWA’s Web Administrator. The whole event was coordinated by Dr. ManoharPrabhu and Mr. NavinMascarenhas. The event was a huge success and KCWA thanks all the participants and volunteers who tirelessly assisted in organizing and conducting the events. 


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Ladies & Gentlemen, it was a memorable day for Mangalorean Catholics here in Kuwait. We thank all those who were part of this event specially our athletes for their active participation with the spirit of true sportsmanship. Hope you enjoyed the coverage. Do leave your feedback in the comments section below.

This is KCWA Media Team signing off from Kaifan Stadium. Goodbye and Goodnight.



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Good morning and a very warm welcome to one and all. Ladies and Gentlemen, KCWA Sports Meet 2014 an event open to 


Mangalorean Catholics here in Kuwait is about to begin in a short while from now. A cool and pleasant weather here at 


Kaifan Stadium. Over 400 Athletes have already registered for this Mega Event. A huge gathering is expected as the day 



progresses. We shall bring you the updates of whole day event at regular intervals.


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Weather Forecast: Max. Temp. 33 Deg C.


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