KCWA disburse funds amounting 50 Lakhs to Education and Humanitarian aid

Kuwait Canara Welfare Association (KCWA) – the premier organization for Mangalorean Catholics residing in Kuwait is synonymous with charity, fostering brotherhood and the like. Since its inception in July 1988, KCWA has untiringly worked towards uplifting its brethren back home in India as well as in being a helping hand to the needy in Kuwait. With over 4 crore Indian rupees donated towards education and charitable causes with the backing and generosity of its association members and well-wishers, KCWA only aims to reach out to more people in need and in any small way make a positive difference in their lives.

KCWA representatives Maria Rinna D’Souza, Rony Suares, Louis D’Costa, Gilbert Mathias and Jovita Fernandes recently handed over funds to five projects that were patronized by KCWA during the term 2015-2017. Below is the summary of those projects:

1. Nirmala Ashram, Mount Rosary, Alangar – Amount Donated INR 10 Lakhs

Mount Rosary provides rehabilitation for the patients suffering from Tuberculosis. Housing over 250 people, there are people from all walks of life – the destitute who have nobody to look after them, patients who are cured from TB but don’t have a home to go to, and senior citizens. The ashrams takes care of every need of its inmates and is always in need of generous hearts to help them carry on with this noble cause. KCWA during the semi-finals of the prestigious Gulf Voice of Mangalore Season 5 for Kuwait contestants donated every cent of the surplus amount generated in organizing the program.

2. Jeevadan – Amount Donated INR 4 Lakhs

Jeevadan, run by the Daughters of St. Camillus, provides physiological needs to the HIV/AIDS infected women and children who are abandoned and fulfil their necessities by giving them food, clothing, shelter, medical care, formal and informal education and parental love. They offer vocational training in skills including flower making, candle making, gardening etc. and offers spiritual nourishment, counseling and guidance. KCWA through its program Kala Utsav 2017 donated a part of its profit towards this noble cause.

3. Snehalaya Charitable Trust – Amount Donated INR 4 Lakhs

With the Cross of Christ as their inspiration and driving force, Snehalaya is a home for the abandoned. They care and nurture the destitute, those neglected from family or society due to mental illness, HIV and Cancer patients, alcoholics and drug addicts, prostitutes, paupers who wasted their wealth and health through gambling and immoral lifestyle and various other people. KCWA through its program Kala Utsav 2017 donated a part of its profit towards this noble cause.

4. Christaraj Navchetan Special School of Different Abled Children – Amount Donated INR 4,65,000

Christaraj is run by the Ursuline Franciscan Sisters of Mangalore and provides education and houses differently abled children hailing from poor financial background. They have children with Down’s syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Mentally challenged, Speech Impairment, Epilepsy and Hydrocephalous. The school provides them with basic life skill such as eating, brushing etc. academic skills and vocational training. Many students from Christaraj have proved themselves by participating in Special Olympics and have won medals and laurels. KCWA through its Each One Teach One initiative encouraged its members to come forward and support the full or partial education of at least one child. The response and encouragement from its members was outstanding and the amount generated through donations covered the total expense for one academic year of the presently training 32 children.

5. SAMPADA-UDUPI, KCWA Central Education Fund: Amount Donated INR 27 Lakhs

KCWA Central Education Fund, managed by the diocese of Udupi with the guidance of His Excellency Bishop Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo, supports the education of needy and deserving students in the diocese of Udupi. The students can avail interest free loan from this revolving fund and return the same after securing a job, which will benefit many more needy and deserving students.

Special Mention: St. Mary’s College, Bela – Amount Donated INR 10 Lakhs

KCWA had pledged to support St. Mary’s College at its inception and thus it is an honor and privilege to be a part of such a historic moment for the children of Bela and to see the college in all its glory. Roy Castelino inaugurated the Library Block named after KCWA on March 9, 2017 with the blessings of His Most Reverend Excellency Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza and the best wishes of many other dignitaries.

In total KCWA disbursed funds, amounting to Forty Nine Lakhs Sixty Five Thousand Indian Rupees and this was solely possible due to the blessings of its patroness Mother Mary and the support, motivation and kind heartedness of its members, donors and sponsors. As Mother Theresa said “We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love” KCWA hopes to strive and work harder towards its mission statement.

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Ida D'silva June 14, 2017 at 1:47 pm

congratulations and God bless KCWA and its office bearers and members

THOMAS LOBO June 15, 2017 at 9:37 am

Congratulation and God bless KCWA.


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