Career Guidance Workshop

KCWA organizes Career Guidance Workshop

Pics by: Alban D’Souza

October 30: Kuwait Canara Welfare Association (KCWA), a premier Mangalorean association in Kuwait successfully organized ‘Career Guidance Workshop’  for the students and their parents of class 8th to 12th standard on Friday, October 28 at the Indian Public School Salmiya.

The emcee Reema Dsouza welcomed the audience which was followed with an opening prayer by Susan Saldanha. The president of the association Albert Praveen Menezes welcomed Dr. Norbert Lobo with a bouquet of flowers after which he gave his opening speech. KCWA’s spiritual director Fr. Noel Almeida too was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers and then he spoke to the students present there and gave a wonderful message about hard work and the importance of prayers.

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The first session then began with Dr. Norbert Lobo explaining to the parents about the different approaches towards choosing the right career for their child and the importance of doing the right research based on the child’s skill, talent, passion and interest.

The second session was conducted by Mr. Crawford Wilson Dsouza, a well know mind and student trainer in Kuwait. He taught the students and parents alike the importance of training our minds and how we can attain success and fulfill our dreams through simple techniques. With demonstrations involving the audience to experience the power of mind and visualization, it was a session which was enjoyed by one and all. At the end of his session the president presented him with a memento as a token of appreciation.

The final session was once again taken up by Dr. Norbert where he gave an in depth breakdown of all the career options available for Arts, Science and Commerce stream students. It was a an insightful experience as most of the people learned of options and courses that they didn’t know existed or were possible to take up as a career.

After the last session a memento was given to Dr. Norbert Lobo as a token of gratitude and appreciation. The evening concluded with a short feedback session given by the students and parents present.

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KCWA would like to thank the Indian Public School authorities for providing the auditorium, Waves Events & Rentals for sound, Alban D’Souza for photography and to all those who participated and for making KCWA’s first ever career guidance program a grand success. The event was successfully coordinated by Anil Fernandes with the support of Managing Committee members.

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