Dear All,

At the outset, we thank kids for their outstanding participation towards KCWA’s first ever Travelogue competition – ‘My Vacation’, which was open to all Mangalorean Catholics residing in Kuwait. We received 10 entries for the same and our panel of judges have selected the best two for awarding the prizes.

The winners are Shaina Evanka D’Cunha & Hazel Fernandes

Congratulations to the winners!

A word of appreciation also goes to the parents of all the participants for encouraging kids to take part actively in the competition.

Well done kiddos….
KCWA Managing Committee

P.S. We have published all the travelogues below. Please click the respective button to view travelogue.


NoParticipant NameLink to View
1Shaina Evanka D'CunhaView Travelogue
2Hazel FernandesView Travelogue
3Rebecca Jane D'SouzaView Travelogue
4Joshwa Alvin CardozaView Travelogue
5Rilla Mahima D’ SouzaView Travelogue
6Sancia Nikita SanctisView Travelogue
7Riona AranhaView Travelogue
8Fiona VazView Travelogue
9Tianna Rachael DsouzaView Travelogue
10Melita Janice MathiasHidden on request