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Marian Quiz 2023 : Results

On the occasion of Monthi Fest, Kuwait Canara Welfare Association (KCWA) organized online Marian Quiz competition for all the Mangalorean Catholics residing in Kuwait aged 10 and above. The Quiz consisted of 17 questions on Blessed Virgin Mary to be answered by participants. At the end of quiz, KCWA received 205 entries out of which 63 participants answered all questions correctly.

To select the Top 3 Winners of Marian Quiz competition, draw and prize distribution ceremony was held during KCWA Monthi Fest celebration on 8th September 2023 at Indian Public School, Salmiya and streamed live on KCWA Facebook page.

Marian Quiz draw was conducted by Spiritual Director Fr. Noel D’Almeida, President Naveen Mascarenhas along with Immediate Past President Ruth Clara Veigas and the Past Presidents Maria Rinna D Souza, Anil Fernandes, Hilary Stevan Rego and Albert Praveen Menezes.

Lots taken to decide the winners and names are as below:

  • First Place: Callie Meryl Menezes
  • Second Place: Vineeta Sharlet Fernandes
  • Third Place: Lional Rayan Mascarenhas

KCWA takes this opportunity to congratulate the winners of Marian Quiz. Prizes were distributed to the winners by Fr. Noel D’Almeida. The competition was well coordinated by Sylvia D’Costa and Jinella Rodrigues and supported by Allan D’Souza for hosting the quiz online.

Watch Quiz Draw video from Facebook below:

KCWA would like to thank all the participants for their wholehearted participation.

Participants name who answered all questions correctly are displayed below:

Name of the ParticipantPlace
Anil Roshan LoboFarwaniya
Arvin DsouzaSalmiya
Ashwell PatraoSalmiya
Callie Meryl MenezesSalmiya
Elizabeth Renuka PicardoMahboula
Francis Joseph MascarenhasSalmiya
Genevieve S MonteiroSalmiya
H.S. Jyothi MathiasSalmiya
Helen CastelinoSalmiya
Henry FernandesAbbassiya
Hezil NoronhaKhaithan
Ida LoboAbbasiya
Jaison Delwin TauroAbbasiya
Jane Tina LoboHawally
Janet PintoKhaitan
Jennifer MenezesSalmiya
John AndradeSalmiya
John PereiraSalmiya
Joyline GonsalvesSalmiya
Juliana DsouzaSalmiya
Kriss Savion CutinhaJleeb
Lenon Antony PerisFarwaniya
Lional Rayan MascarenhasSalmiya
Lovely Nisha PaisFarwaniya
Lucy Premila DantiAbbasiya
Lydia PintoSalmiya
Malet Don NoronhaKhaitan
Malita NoronhaAbbasiya
Margaret DsouzaAbbassiya
Maria Rinna Silvia D SouzaSalmiya
Mark CardozaAbbasiya
Marwin Prathap DcunhaKhaithan
Megan D CostaKhaitan
Melisha RocheSalmiya
Melville Vincent MathiasSalmiya
Milborne FernandesAbbassiya
Movin NoronhaJleeb
Noel Wilfred CutinhaJleeb
Norman Clevin D SouzaHawally
Prasanna Richard PintoSalmiya
Reesha NoronhaSalmiya
Rennie Lily DsouzaSalmiya
Rinitha DsouzaSalmiya
Rishawn DsouzaSalmiya
Robert DsouzaSalmiya
Robertus DsouzaSalmiya
Roshan QuadrasSalmiya
Rovel Nikhil CuthinhaSalmiya
Savitha Lydia TauroAbbasiya
Seema Reshma MascarenhasFarwaniya
Shareen Montin FernandesAbbasiya
Sharel Gail FernandesAbbasiya
Shwetha PereiraJleeb
Sony SaldanhaAbbasiya
Sunil FernandesMangaf
Sunitha Latha PicardoJleeb
Sushma Jenifer DsouzaSalmiya
Tianna DsouzaSalmiya
Vineeta Sharlet FernandesSalmiya
Vivian Joseph LoboSalmiya
Wilson D’SouzaSalmiya
Wilson SaldanhaAbbasiya

The Answers for quiz questions are displayed below:

1. The angelic greeting, the first part of the Hail Mary, is taken from:

Correct Answer
A. Luke 1:28

2. What truth about Mary is revealed through the words of Elizabeth in the Mystery of the Visitation?

Correct Answer
B. Mother of God

3. What does kecharitomene mean?

Correct Answer
C. Full of Grace

4. “The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary through Marian in character is ____________” – St. John Paul II

Correct Answer
B. Christocentric

5. What is being referred to as the Fiat of Mary?

Correct Answer
B. I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done to me according to Your word.

6. What Christian Mystery does the Church honor every Noon?

Correct Answer
B. Incarnation

7. When is the Feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes

Correct Answer
D February 11

8. What is the 2nd Mystery of Light?

Correct Answer
C. The Self Revelation of Jesus at the Wedding at Cana

9. What does the Church celebrate every December 8?

Correct Answer
D. Immaculate Conception

10. The 2nd part of the Magnificat of Mary is referred to in the Catechism Catholics as –

Correct Answer
C. Song of Praise

11. Who is Mary to the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity?

Correct Answer
C. Mother of God

12. What does the Book of Isaiah 7:14 speak about?

Correct Answer
B. The promise of the coming of the woman-virgin who will bear the savior

13. To whom did the Virgin Mary say I am the Immaculate Conception?

Correct Answer

A. Bernadette Soubirous

14. What does the Church celebrate every August 15?

Correct Answer
C. Assumption of Mary to heaven

15. To which saint did the Lady of Mount Carmel present the brown Scapular?

Correct Answer
A. Simon Stock

16. Which saint said that “Mary will save the world through the scapular and the rosary”?

Correct Answer
B. St Dominic

17. The words “Holy Mary, Mother of God” in the rosary was said by which person in the Bible?

Correct Answer
B. St Elizabeth

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