KCWA Education Aid-2023 through Suvidya and Sampada

KCWA, true to its mission ‘In Pursuit of ensuring Education to the poor Children’ disbursed education aid for the academic year 2023 – 2024 through ‘Suvidya’ and ‘Sampada’ during the programs held on 16 July in Belthangady and 29 July in Udupi respectively.

KCWA Education Fund Distributed at SUVIDYA, Mangalore

Belthangady: The Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra (CKSK), supported by Kuwait Canara Welfare Association (KCWA), organised a programme to disburse interest-free educational loans under its Suvidya 2023 scheme at Vimukti, Belthangady, on Sunday, July 16. The loan is meant for the higher education of the poor youth of the Diocese of Mangalore. 17 students had applied for the scheme and were given cheques. Rs 7,41,000 was disbursed this year.

Fr Chetan, Editor of Sevak Magazine and Manager of Assisi Press, along with Fr Vinod Mascarenhas, the Director of CKSK, and Assistant Director Fr Rohan Lobo, shared the dais with KCWA Education Fund Coordinator Mrs. Veena Serrao and Nominated Committee Member Santhosh D’Souza.

KCWA Education Fund Coordinator, Mrs. Veena Serrao was honored on behalf of KCWA by Fr. Chetan Lobo for their humane intervention towards vulnerable youths. In her address, Mrs. Veena Serrao encouraged students to gain higher education and dream of a better future.

Fr Chetan said that today’s receiving hands must strive to one day turn into giving hands. “True happiness consists in giving, and we must give till it hurts and pains,” he advised.

Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas expressed gratitude to the KCWA for their concern for homeland issues. He also gave his best wishes to the student beneficiaries.

The program began with a prayer. Fr. Rohan Lobo welcomed the gathering and gave the introductory talk. Laveena, the coordinator, explained the requirements and guidelines to be followed by the Suvidya applicants. She also later delivered a vote of thanks. Poornima conducted the programme.

KCWA Education Fund Distributed at SAMPADA, UDUPI

SAMPADA UDUPI KCWA Education Fund distribution function was held on Saturday, 29 July 2023 at Alok Mini Hall, Anugraha, Pastoral Centre, Kakkunje, Santhekatte at 3.30 PM. Rt. Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi and the Managing Trustee of SAMPADA UDUPI presided over the function. Rev. Msgr. Ferdinand Gonsalves, Vicar General of Udupi Diocese and also Deputy Managing Trustee of SAMPADA UDUPI was the chief guest. Mr. Arun Jossy D’Souza, Vice President of KCWA; Mrs. Reena Wilma Pereira, General Secretary of KCWA; Mrs. Veena Serrao, Education Fund Coordinator of KCWA; Mr. Kevin Preetam D’Souza, Auditor KCWA; Mr. Alwyn Noronha, Ex Education Fund Coordinator of KCWA; Mrs. Mabel Andrade and Mr. Manoj Rego, nominated committee members of KCWA and Mrs. Jovita Fernandes, local representative of KCWA were the guests of honor.

The beneficiaries led the prayer. Fr. Reginald Pinto Executive Director, SAMPADA UDUPI welcomed the gathering and also compered the program. On behalf of SAMPADA UDUPI and all the past and present beneficiaries, KCWA organization was honored. Mrs. Veena Serrao, Education Fund Coordinator accepted the honor.

In his message Mr. Arun Jossy D’Souza, Vice president KCWA recalled the origin of KCWA organization and its purpose. He said that KCWA was founded in 1988 and over the past 35 years an amount of more than six crores of rupees was rendered to the Dioceses of Udupi and Mangalore, mainly helping the deserving students to pursue their education and through which a bright career and for the upliftment of needy through humanitarian aid. He further said that few of the KCWA members are officers, and in a good job but majority are of small jobs working in Kuwait for the betterment of their families, and all contribute generously for this good cause of helping the needy. Because of Bishop Gerald’s request this revolving fund was started in 2017 in the Udupi Diocese. He requested the beneficiaries to study well, pursue a good career and in later years help the deserving needy of their neighborhood. He thanked SAMPADA UDUPI for its work to maintain and distribute this Education Fund.

Fr. Reginald Pinto expressed gratitude to the KCWA for their concern towards needy student’s higher education issues. He also gave his best wishes to the student beneficiaries. The loan is meant for the higher education of the poor youth of the Diocese of Udupi. 12 students had applied for the scheme and INR 5,15,810 was disbursed this year.

Chief guest Rev. Msgr. Ferdinand Gonsalves profusely thanked KCWA and its members. He prayed that God will bless them a hundredfold for their generosity. He advised the students to study well and build their career. He said, “At present it is your duty to achieve excellence in study and build a career”. He also advised the beneficiaries to pray for the KCWA organization and its members.  Mr. Stanley Fernandes -Coordinator of SAMPADA UDUPI proposed vote of thanks.

Mr. Aldren D’Souza, Kundapura conducted a motivational talk before the function. He concentrated on stress and stress related factors in a student’s life, how he has to cope up and how parents and elders have to be a companion of their children.

We at KCWA take pride in our achievements over the years and thank all our members, sponsors and well-wishers for their generous contribution and continued support. KCWA hopes to strive and work harder towards its mission statement.

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