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Dear All,

First and foremost we thank you for the outstanding participation towards the KCWA Silver Jubilee Quiz.

We received a tremendous response and are happy to inform that there have been multiple correct entries.

We have selected the winners solely on the basis of lucky draw and are hereby thrilled to announce that Ms. Susan Viola Saldanha has emerged as the lucky winner and will be getting a special prize.

In addition, the following five people will receive a free entry pass for KCWA’s mega event Rupyotsav, which will be held on Friday the 25th of April 2014, at AIS Maidan Hawally from 3 PM onwards.

1. Rita Rodrigues

2. Renny Nathalia D’Souza

3. Sylvester Cyril Lobo

4. Valerina Noreen Frank

5. Stevan Rego

A representative from KCWA will get in touch with the winners for further details. Congratulations to all the winners and once again thank you for your wholehearted participation.

Warm Regards,

KCWA Managing Committee


Find below the questions and answers of Silver Jubilee Online Quiz.



1.      KCWA launched its weekly Silver Jubilee Countdown on which date?


·         15th November 2013


·         8st December 2013


·         1st November 2013


·         None of the above


                Answer: 1st November 2013


2.      Who was the first Konkani singer to perform in Kuwait through KCWA?


·         Jerome D’Souza


·         MelwinPeris


·         Henry D’Souza


·         Late.WilfyRebimbus




Answer: Late. WilfyRemimbus




3.       Who was the first President of KCWA?


·         Late. John Misquith


·         Francis Misquith


·         Late. Charles Vaz


·         Elias Saldanha




Answer: Elias Saldanha




4.      Who was the first Spiritual Director of KCWA?


·         Fr. MelwinD’Cunha


·         Fr. Noel D’Almeida


·         Fr. John Pinto


·         Fr. Gabriel Dias




Answer: Fr. John Pinto




5.      A news item about KCWA was printed in the Konkani weekly “Raknno” in which year?


·         1993


·         1992


·         1989


·         1990




Answer: 1990




6.      Who served as the president of KCWAimmediately after the Gulf War?


·         Mr. Pascal Pinto


·         Mr. Felix Saldanha


·         Mr. Stephen Machado


·         Late. Mr. Victor Monteiro




Answer: Late. Mr. Victor Monteiro






7.      Who was the first female to join KCWA as an Executive Committee Member?


·         Mrs. Agnes Barboza


·         Mrs. Ida D’Silva


·         Mrs. Gladys Noronha


·         Mrs. Ivy Menezes




Answer: Mrs. Ida D’Silva




8.      The Konkani drama “KonJhikta” was presented by KCWA in which year?


·         1994


·         1998


·         2000


·         1996




Answer: 1996




9.      KCWA organized a cricket tournament to encourage sports. What was it known as?


·         KCWA Sports Gala


·         KCWA Clash of the Titans


·         KCWA Independence Cup


·         KCWA Premier League




Answer: KCWA Independence Cup




10.Who was the manager of the first ever KCWA Cricket Team?


·         Mr. Stephen Machado


·         Mr. Alex Rego


·         Mr. Lawrence Pinto


·         Mr. ArchiMenezes




Answer: Mr. Lawrence Pinto




11.Under whose presidency was the St. Agnes Special School Computer Training Center & Hostel inaugurated?


·         Mr. Pascal Pinto


·         Mr. Lawrence Pinto


·         Mr. Rudalf D’Souza


·         Mr. Felix Saldanha




Answer: Mr. Felix Saldanha






12.Who among the following did not serve as a president in KCWA?


·         Mr. Maxim D’Mello


·         Mr. Michael Lobo


·         Mr. Henry Stany Pinto


·         Mr. Joel Lewis




Answer: Mr. Joel Lewis




13.Who served as the Captain of the KCWA Spinney’s Confectionary Cricket Teamfor the Lawson Memorial Cup?


·         Mr. ManoharPrabhu


·         Mr. Alex Rego


·         Mr. James Lobo


·         Mr. Pascal Pinto




Answer: Mr. James Lobo




14.Why was KCWA honored by the President of India in December 2010?


·         Charity work


·         Enrichment of Konkani Culture


·         Highest number of members


·         None of the above




Answer: Enrichment of Konkani Culture




15.Which team won the KCWA Silver Jubilee Cricket Cup?


·         Udupi Friends


·         Sharq United


·         President’s XI


·         Little Flower




Answer: Udupi Friends


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