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Marian Quiz 2019 : Results

On the occasion of Monthi Fest celebration, KCWA held Marian Quiz for all Mangalorean Catholics residing in Kuwait aged 10 and above, between August 19 and September 5 2019. There were 10 questions based on Blessed Virgin Mary to be answered by participants. At the end of quiz, KCWA received 225 entries out of which 77 participants answered all questions correctly.

To select top 3 winners, a draw was held at Salmiya Catholic Church courtyard on 7th September 2019 at 9am. Fr. Dominic Sequeira, parish priest of Salmiya church, KCWA President Mrs. Maria Rinna D’Souza and other committee members were present. Fr. Dominic picked 3 lucky winners from the draw box and they are as follows:

  • First Place : Lional Mascarenhas
  • Second Place : Roopa Rashmi D’Souza
  • Third Place : Reshma Rodrigues

Watch Quiz Draw video from Facebook below :

The prize distribution ceremony was held on 8th September 2019 during KCWA Monthi Fest celebration at Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait City. Mrs. Jeneviv D’Souza compered the prize distribution ceremony and the prizes were awarded by Fr. Dominic Sequeira, Fr. Antony Lopez and Fr. Valerian D’Silva to the winners. SWAB Engineering Co. for HVAC, Ronson Saldanha and a Wellwisher were the prize sponsors.

This quiz competition was coordinated by KCWA Media Team lead by Allan D’Souza with Sunitha D’Silva and KCWA Managing Committee members. KCWA would like to thank all the participants for their wholehearted participation.

We have published correct answers for the questions and the names of participants who answered all questions correctly below :

  1. The feast of the birth of Mary is celebrated __ months after the Immaculate Conception.
    Answer : Nine
  2. Who were Mary’s parents?
    Answer : Anna & Joachim
  3. How would you describe the Immaculate Conception?
    Answer : The preservation of Mary from original sin in view of the merits of her Divine Son
  4. How long did Mary stay with Elisabeth?
    Answer : Three Months
  5. Name the oldest Marian feast celebrated by the Catholic Church?
    Answer : The feast of the Solemnity of Mary, mother of God
  6. Which Marian prayer is recorded in the gospel of Luke?
    Answer : Magnificat, or Canticle of Mary
  7. Which Evangelist stated most about Mary?
    Answer : Luke
  8. Behold your Mother Jesus Said to Whom
    Answer : John
  9. In the __ month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth
    Answer : Sixth
  10. “Do whatever he tells you” Who Said to Whom?
    Answer : Mary to Servants

Participants name who answered all questions correctly are displayed below :

Sr. NoNamePlace
1Maria Rinna Silvia D SouzaSalmiya
2Arun Jossy DSouzaSalmiya
3Ruth Clara VeigasSalmiya
4Allan Jose DSouzaSalmiya
5Allen RebelloSalmiya
6Melisha Nadia RocheSalmiya
7Lucy Flavia D'SouzaKhaitan
8Benedicta Veena VasSalmiya
9Disha Telma LoboSalmiya
10Vaz Clara LorenSalmiya
11Reshma RodriguesSalmiya
12Collin VasSalmiya
13Reena Wilma PereiraSalmiya
14Lavina Shanti D'souzaSalmiya
15Franky D'souzaSalmiya
16Reshma Elias MenezesSalmiya
17Zaneta AranhaSalmiya
18Lucy AranhaSalmiya
19Clifford AranhaSalmiya
20Rinitha DSouzaSalmiya
21William PereiraSalmiya
22Lional MascarenhasSalmiya
23Margaret D'SouzaAbbasiya
24Milborne FernandesAbbasiya
25Henry FernandesAbbasiya
26Joslin Nirmala BarbozaSalmiya
27Hristun FernandesAbbasiya
28Alfred LoboSalmiya
29Juliana DSouzaSalmiya
30Philomena Gretta DsaSalmiya
31Denis DsaSalmiya
32Susan ThomasFarwaniya
33Roshan Stevan ColacoFarwaniya
34Shannon Christine ColacoFarwaniya
35Wilfred LoboSalmiya
36Lilly LoboFarwaniya
37Albert D'SouzaFarwaniya
38Rishawn DsouzaSalmiya
39Melville Vincent MathiasSalmiya
40Crystal D'SilvaSalmiya
41Samantha Maria D'SilvaSalmiya
42Calan Walter DSilvaSalmiya
43Santhosh Bonaventure Aloysius DsilvaSalmiya
44Vijay MorasSalmiya
45Wilma Roopa DsouzaSalmiya
46Vian MorasSalmiya
47Rakesh Gration PereiraSalmiya
48Leena FernandesSalmiya
49Harry Baptist AlbukarFarwaniya
50Meena FernandesSalmiya
51Irine AlbukarFarwaniya
52Sylvia DcostaSafat
53Pramod DsouzaSalmiya
54Valerina Noreen FrankSalmiya
55Wilfred LoboSalmiya
56Viola FrankSalmiya
57Marian FernandesSalmiya
58Wilson SaldanhaAbbasiya
59Suman SaldanhaAbbasiya
60Priya DsouzaAbbasiya
61Mackline D'SouzaSalmiya
62Adrian D'SouzaSalmiya
63Roopa Rashmi DsouzaMahboula
64Allwyn D'SouzaSalmiya
65Susie D'souzaSalmiya
66Nelson D'souzaSalmiya
67Robert DsouzaSalmiya
68Hanston AlbuquerqueFarwaniya
69Priya FurtadoSalmiya
70Wilson DsouzaSalmiya
71Anil James FurtadoSalmiya
72Renita Raina DmelloKhaitan
73Eugin D'souzaFarwaniya
74James RodriguesKhaitan
75Sushma Jenifer DSouzaSalmiya
76Glanis Sandra D'silvaSalmiya
77Flavia Helen VazAl. Beda

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