Family Picnic 2016

KCWA Family Picnic

 Pics by: Alwyn Noronha

Kuwait: The pleasant climate drew large crowds at the KCWA family picnic, which was held on Friday, 25th November at the Ahmadi Garden, Kuwait. The fun filled day started with prayer led by Satish Saldanha.


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The event was called open by President Albert Praveen Menezes along with the presence of KCWA Ex-Presidents Felix Saldanha, Rudy D’Souza, Stephen Machado and Managing Committee members. KCWA made this picnic open to all Mangalorean Catholics and a huge crowd gathered. President welcomed the gathering for the fun filled day and called upon to enjoy the day in the spirit of togetherness.

Various fun games like Treasure hunt, Passing the hat, Frog race, Threading the needle, 25m race, short put, Bindhi, Breaking the pot were conducted by Managing and supporting committee Members. Housie-Housie, Volleyball for men, Throw ball for women and Tug of war for both men and women were the highlights of the day. In the Volleyball, Noronha Brothers beat United Friends Abbasiya and in Throw ball, Sparkling team emerged as winners against Salmiya Friends team. In the Tug of War men’s section, Salmiya Friends beat United Friends Abbasiya while in Women’s section, Salmiya Friends beat Red Bull team.

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Announcements were taken care by Deepak Andrade. M&M confectionery and Caterers served the breakfast and lunch which was enjoyed by all. Steven Rego and Harry Fernandes managed the proceedings at KCWA counter.

Prizes were distributed by President Albert Praveen Menezes, Rudy D’Souza and Joe Pereira to the winners of various games conducted during the day. Event Coordinator Lloyd D’Souza thanked all for the support and participation. Michael Pinto led the final prayers by thanking the Lord and Blessed Mother Mary, patroness of KCWA.

Alwyn Noronha captured the event through his lens. The event was successfully coordinated by Sports Committee with the support of Managing Committee members and volunteers. KCWA family picnic was entertaining and fun filled due to the active participation of all those who gathered.

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