KCWA Cricket Cup 2021 Registration

KCWA Cricket Cup 2021
  • KCWA Cricket Cup is for members, their spouses and children only. The player should have his/her membership renewed for the year 2021 before registration of Team.
  • The event will be on Friday, 24th Sep & 1st Oct 2021 @ UPL Grounds(Sulaibikhat)..
  • A registration fee of KWD 10.000 (non-refundable) will be charged per team.
  • The tournament will be held on a full-fledged cricket ground with a well laid pitch.
  • Each team shall have a Total of 14 players including captain and all are requested to wear the team uniforms, or the team members must be in white cricket clothing.
  • Only Team Captain has the rights to discuss the issues with the Organizers.
  • Any Query during the game to be personally discussed with Sports Secretary and game umpires. Any other player interfering or found influencing the decision process will lead to team disqualification from the tournament, 5 Runs will be deducted.
  • The rules and regulations related to the matches or any changes related to the tournament will be communicated to the registered teams in due course.
  • Other terms and conditions also apply. For any query, please contact Mr. Preetham DSouza at 65119586

Team and Captain Info

Team Members Info