KCWA Christmas Competitions 2023 Registration

KCWA Christmas Competitions 2023

Please CLICK HERE for Competition details and rules.
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For any details Contact 50670655 / 99694740
Last date to submit registration: 8th December 2023
For group and duet competitions, you must enter your partner’s or group leader’s name and number of participants on the requested box.
Note : This event is exclusively for KCWA members & family only. The Dependent(child) of member if of age 21+ need to be a member for participation.

Personal Details

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Competitions Selection

For group/duet competitions, you must enter your group leader/partner’s name on the requested field for each participating competition. If you are a group leader, then enter your name on that field.
Please select Group A Competition
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Please select Group B Competitions
Last date for photo submission 15th December 2023. Photo to be submitted via email to : media@kcwakuwait.org
Please select Group C Competitions
One entry per Family. Presentation must include Crib, Star, Christmas Tree & House Decoration. Judges visit will be between 26-28th December 2023